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July 21, 2024—Maintaining Tech
July 14, 2024–Malayalam Bible from TBFB Online!
July 7, 2024–Rejoicing with friends in Enga Province, Papua New Guinea!
June 23, 2024—Thanks! Mahalo! ¡Gracias! Danke! Tenk yu!
June 8, 2024—Visiting Colorado
June 3, 2024—Landslide in PNG; Internet Access in Remote Places; Turkey
May 19, 2024—Cardiac health; High School Graduation
May 13, 2024—PWAs working; Hospital visit
April 27, 2024—Don’t Give Up!
April 21, 2024—Scriptures on Pictures
April 7, 2024—What is a Bible PWA, and why make them?
March 24, 2024—The Nalik New Testament is online!
March 11, 2024—World English Bible Update
February 24, 2024—Thanking God for Feedback
February 9, 2024—Happy Birthday, Rachel!
January 31, 2024—Congratulations to Evan and Kaylee Johnson!
January 15, 2024—New Nonprofit Bible Store
December 26, 2023—2024, HERE WE COME!
December 15, 2023—When God was a Baby
December 4, 2023—Jesus Christ is coming back!
November 22, 2023—Thanking God!
November 13, 2023—Is there really such thing as a free Bible?
November 6, 2023—Two Worthwhile Meetings
October 12, 2023—Thanking God for Loren and Francisco
October 1, 2023—Haitian Creole Bible
September 24, 2023—How are you doing?
September 10, 2023—Emergency Communications; Digital Bible Library
August 25, 2023—Fire Recovery Help; Interview
August 15, 2023—Paradise?
August 9, 2023—Maui Fires Update
August 6, 2023—Cannibals and Perspective
July 19, 2023—Thanks for Praying!
July 9, 2023—God is Faithful!
June 28, 2023—Focus on the Good
June 15, 2023—Visiting NCC Longmont
May 21, 2023—Encouraging trip; Match still in progress
May 3, 2023—Matching grant
April 23, 2023—More Bibles for More Believers!
April 10, 2023—Thank God for more Bible translations!
March 23, 2023—Time Travel to Papua New Guinea
March 5, 2023—Interview with Michael Johnson
February 23, 2023—Death Adder Encounter
February 11, 2023—Birthday Party!
January 25, 2023—Pocket Bibles
January 12, 2023—GRATEFUL
December 22, 2022—Christmas Quiz
December 10, 2022—Best printed WEB yet!
November 23, 2022—Kamano-Kafe whole Bible!
November 7, 2022—Print Projects
October 22, 2022—Flashback to 2003
October 9, 2022—The struggle is real, but we win!
September 26, 2022—Real Rest
September 11, 2022—More PDF files are now available on!
August 25, 2022—Printed Bibles aren’t dead, yet.
August 12, 2022—Good News for Papua New Guinea!
July 24, 2022—Free Bible Study Apps!
July 12, 2022—God answers prayer for Spanish speakers!
June 26, 2022—Ensuring Bible Quality
June 15, 2022—Cybersecurity!
May 29, 2022—Bug Hunting!
May 10, 2022—What do I actually do as an electronic Scripture publisher?
May 1, 2022—Do you want to see God work?
April 10, 2022—Our Ministry Focus
March 20, 2022—Sowing Seed
March 7, 2022—Printed New Testaments for Ukraine and more digital Bibles
February 27, 2022—Overcoming Adversity
February 14, 2022—Solving a Mystery
January 24, 2022—Accelerating Bible Translation and Publication
January 12, 2022—Moving Mountains of Data
December 27, 2021—Happy New Year! Good News!
December 12, 2021—The Christmas Story in 1.252 Bible Translations
November 24, 2021—Lingala in the DRC
November 10, 2021—Overcoming Anxiety
October 21, 2021—Which is your favorite Bible translation?
October 10, 2021—God’s Word Brings Hope to Millions
September 21, 2021—In memory of Jerry
September 6, 2021—What is in a name?
August 23, 2021—CYBERWAR
August 13, 2021—Missions Mentoring
July 26, 2021—Growing capacity
July 11, 2021—Ramping up!
June 27, 2021—Face to Face
June 15, 2021—Too Many to Count!
May 26, 2021—Visiting Colorado!
May 10, 2021—Getting Bible translation right
April 20, 2021—Hats
April 11, 2021—Tanzania, Malaysia, Ghana, Iraq, and Papua New Guinea
March 28, 2021—What is your favorite Bible format?
March 11, 2021—Ending BIble Poverty
February 21, 2021—Leap of Faith
February 7, 2021—Bible Verse Coloring Books and More
January 24, 2021—Hackers and Bible Cybersecurity
January 4, 2021—Quiz with Answers
December 14, 2020—Gizrra New Testament Dedication
November 16, 2020—1027 Bible Translations
November 6, 2020—Eliminating Bible Poverty
October 15, 2020—Standing on the shoulders of giants
October 1, 2020—Helping send Bible translations to Myanmar
September 10, 2020—Free Kindle and ePub Bibles
August 28, 2020—Coloring Bibles and Provision
August 12, 2020—The Animals Came to Noah
July 10, 2020—Perseverance, Scriptures, and Hope
June 16, 2020—Facilitating Bible Sharing
May 17, 2020—For times like these
April 15, 2020—Fan mail for you
April 2, 2020—Looking for the Positive
March 13, 2020—COVID-19 Can’t Stop God’s Word!
February 12, 2020–Pacific Wa’a Partnership success!
January 16, 2020—The World English Bible has gone viral!
December 26, 2019—How do you measure success?
December 15, 2019—Spanish and Mokilese Bible translations online
December 1, 2019—Bible Translation Big Picture
November 21, 2019—5 more PNG New Testaments completed this year!
November 10, 2019—God amazes me!
October 18, 2019—God moves mountains!
October 3, 2019—Is there such thing as a free Bible?
September 15, 2019—Customizable Parallel Bibles
August 15, 2019—Awesome Papua New Guinea trip; World English Bible update
July 14, 2019— updated; counting the cost
June 16, 2019—An exciting phone call
May 15, 2019—Good News for Australia!
April 19, 2019—Conference praise report; Chinese and Worora
March 26, 2019—You can help keep Bible translations flowing.
February 18, 2019—The Holy Bible gone viral
January 20, 2018–A legacy of spreading God’s Word
December 26, 2018—New Prayer Card; Good News in Vanuatu; Year End
December 12, 2018—Merry Christmas!
November 25, 2018—Please help us give away more copies of the Holy Bible.
November 4, 2018—The power of viral Bible distribution; Polish Bible online!
October 20, 2018—Good ETEN DBL Summit; What we do
September 8, 2018—Married 34 years; 4 Romani dialects; 2nd modern Spanish NT
August 18, 2018—Urgent! Emergency! People are dying without the Good News! Help!
July 28, 2018—Partnership issue: Bibles for Africa, print-on-demand, Pacific Wa’a Partnership, new Bible study app
June 16, 2018—Visiting PNG; Health; Work
May 18, 2018—The answer is: LOVE
April 15, 2018—Your Impact in Myanmar and More
March 15, 2018—Bishop Bible Study app, Spanish NT, and WEB update
February 18, 2018—Eliminating Bible Poverty together
January 15, 2018—You are making a difference!
December 27, 2017—Happy New Year!
December 18, 2017—Doing what I see the Father doing
November 22, 2017—Always thanking God!
November 12, 2017—Seven more Bible translations; Most popular digital Bible formats
October 17, 2017—Productive meetings; new Bible web site; THANKS!
September 17, 2017—What is your mission in life?
August 20, 2017—Pacific Wa’a Partnership; Tongan Bibles; Prayer requests
July 11, 2017—Looking forward to expanded Bible distribution!
May 19, 2017—Coming to Colorado! Who are the Uare?

April 21, 2017—Time for an INCREASE in electronic Bible distribution!

March 9, 2017—Can you help these people get a Bible?
February 4, 2017—Please pray for the Solomon Islands
January 16, 2017—The Islands of the Sea Still Call me
December 29, 2016—Happy New Year!
December 13, 2016—Where did the Bibles go?
November 20, 2016—Secret of living full of joy forever revealed!
November 3, 2016—Grateful to the Great God of Grace
October 16, 2016—World English Bible praise and prayer requests
September 18, 2016—Language quiz, baptisms, and getting God’s Word to more people
August 15, 2016—More Bibles are going to more smart phones in PNG!
July 9, 2016—Counting Digital Bibles, stars, and Grain
June 19, 2016—Good News for EVERY language, tribe, and nation!
May 18, 2016—Praying for favor with Bible copyright owners
April 16, 2016—Divine appointments in Thailand
March 17, 2016—Texas, Thailand, and cyberBibles
February 14, 2016—Do you want to read God’s love letters?
January 25, 2016—Impact!
December 30, 2015—Happy New Year! Praise reports and prayer requests
December 19, 2015—PNG School Bibles + PDF Bibles for the world
November 15, 2015—A time to count and a time not to count; Good News
October 19, 2015 — Sharper than a two-edged sword!
September 13, 2015 — InScript demo + Bible freedom
August 22, 2015 — Understanding Bible Formats; Call2All Philippines + DBS Meeting report
July 16, 2015 — Paddling in the same direction
June 24, 2015 — What is new? What is still the same?
May 12, 2015 — Prayer request: Bible rights
April 18, 2015 — Giving the Holy Bible to the whole world
March 18, 2015 — What is better than a free Bible?
February 14, 2015 — Paper or digital Bibles? Yes, please!
January 18, 2015 — Please pray for us… DBS, Vanuatu
December 14, 2014 — Celebrate Jesus with over 1,000 Bible translations!
November 19, 2014 — Thanking God for…
November 1, 2014 — Don’t be afraid!
October 2014 — Weapons of Mass Discipleship
September 2014 — Behind the numbers…


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