Michael & Lori Johnson’s Papua New Guinea Photo Gallery


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Page 1: mixed Papua New Guinea photos
Page 2: mixed Papua New Guinea pictures
Page 3: samples of PNG photographs
Page 4: assorted Papua New Guinea photographs

Page 5: another mixture of PNG photos

Page 6: yet another seemingly random assortment of PNG pictures
Page 7: assorted photos of Papua New Guinea
Page 8: assorted pictures of Papua New Guinea
Page 9: Goroka show, 17 September 2004
Page 10: more Goroka show photos, 17 September 2004
Page 11: Bulal Village flashbacks, Bible dedications, etc.
Page 12: Food, dedications, tawny frogmouth, sea toilet, Bible study
Page 13: Bible study, scenery, sea turtles, dancing, etc.
Page 14: Ocean sunrises, Bulal Village, Madang, Dylup Station, Flowers
Page 15: Work, ministry, and aerial photos in Papua New Guinea
Page 16: Aerial photos, rainbow, Kuman Jesus Film mission trip, Aseranka Village outreach
Page 17: Aseranka Village outreach; pigs, goats, and houses; Sports Day 2005
Page 18: East New Britain, Morobe Province, and Eastern Highlands Province
Page 19: Eastern Highlands Province

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