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Worship at Holy Trinity Foursquare Church, Madang Province
Bible study
Studying the Bible in Tok Pisin
Food kept fresh by keeping it alive. Turtle is one of this village’s traditional foods. They are only caught using traditional methods, and only eaten on special occasions, so they aren’t likely to wiped out, at least by these people.
Two toddlers at an outdoor worship service.
Some vehicles aren’t even much good for parts scavenging any more.
Ukarumpa from Lone Tree Mountain
Rainbow over Ukarumpa
Umbrellas providing shade during a dedication service in the middle of the day
Michael talking with some people in Bulal Village. We had many good conversations about life, life in Jesus Christ, and culture. They were curious about what it was like in the USA.
Some of our friends in Bulal Village
Bathing/swimming in the Wabag River
Spectators at the Aiyura Valley PNG Independence Day dedication to God service, 16 September 2004
William Edoni preaching at the dedication service, 16 September 2004
A royal welcome for those who bring a shipment of Bibles, Manus Island
I’m sure that God has something good planned for this boy, whose name is Baseh. I still remember the time he was unconscious with malaria, and his mother was hysterical. One of his brothers had died from malaria. Lori went over, prayed for him, and gave him some medicine. He recovered and was up and playing the next day. Several months before this picture was taken, he had a bad skin disease. We saw it when we visited, and sent back some medicine for him via Pastor Simon, who lives about a half hour walk away. The medicine and the prayers worked together, and it made us happy to see Baseh with healthy skin when we visited his village.
Flying fox in flight, in Madang. A flying fox is a fruit bat with a wing span of about 4 feet.
Flying foxes hanging from tree branches, near the main market in Madang town.
Some people in Bulal Village, Madang Province

This truck serves as the “bus” ministry vehicle for Holy Trinity Foursquare Church at Dylup Station, on the North Coast Road in Madang Province. We, with the help of our partners, help fund the cost of using this vehicle on Sundays to help people get to church. This church is also reaching out in areas that trucks can’t go to, by starting home fellowships in remote villages.

One of many very tall coconut trees. Falling coconuts can be very dangerous, so resting under palm trees with ripe coconuts in them is a bad idea.
This is a gathering of church elders and their families that invited us over for lunch after church on Sunday, the 10th of October 2004. They fed us a very nice meal of Barramundi fish, bread, rice, and local fruits and vegetables. They were very hungry for more of the things of God and eager to share the good things God has been doing. We discussed some of the miracles God has been doing and the many people who have been getting saved and the way the church has been growing. Praise God!
May God be praised, who created beautiful flowers with pleasant fragrances.
If you sell enough broccoli, maybe you could buy an electronic game, too. This photo was taken at the main market in Madang town.
View from the Pacific Orientation Course office on Nobnob Mountain, Madang Province.

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