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People paddling a canoe at sunrise, Jais Aben, Madang Province.
Jais Aben cabins. We stayed here 2 nights, courtesy of Lori’s loving mother.
Jais Aben coral and a small island. The coral is much more interesting under water, and rich in sea life.
Sunrise, Madang Province
Jais Aben sunrise
Jais Aben sunrise, a little later
Pacific Island sunrise
Sunburst over the Pacific during a morning prayer time
Jungle road (between Madang and Ramu)

Madang “parking lot” full of outrigger canoes

Madang sunrise. Why so many sunrise photos? Because they keep looking different, keep looking beautiful, and keep reminding me of the faithfulness of the God who started the motion that makes the sun rise every morning, no matter what. May God be glorified!
Another Madang sunrise
Mother and child, Bulal Village, Madang Province
Some children on a porch in Bulal Village
Outrigger canoe
Pastor Osoi selling highland cabbages in a coastal town. National pastors usually need to supplement their income from their church with income from their garden.
PMV boat, morning rush hour, on the way to Madang town from a nearby island
Altar call time, Sunday, the 10th of October, 2004. After I preached, Pastor Simon gave the altar call. Five men and two women were born again, and many came forward for prayer for healing and other things. To God be the glory!
Bee on a white flower in our yard in Ukarumpa
If you look at these orchids with the imagination of a child, you can see clown faces. Our Father God created great beauty, and if we can find this much of his beauty in a sin-stained world, how much more beautiful will Heaven be? Awesome!
Not a bad picture for “wallpaper”
Pink orchids. Papua New Guinea has many kinds of orchids. Notice how the flowers are in sharp focus and the background is fuzzy? When you focus on Jesus, the world’s problems get fuzzy like that.
Church in Bantura village. I took their picture after preaching there on the 24th of October, 2004.
Ukarumpa sunset, taken from behind our house.
Attentive children in Bantura Village, Eastern Highlands Province

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