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Endangered species or dinner? This turtle’s captors have no concept of an endangered species list. The do, however, know that you can flip sea turtles on their back to keep them from running away before you cook them. (Don’t worry too much about the turtles. They are only caught one by one in traditional ways, and only eaten on special occasions.)
Fellowship after church, Dylup Station
Her first New Testament in her own language (Bargam, Madang Province)
Banner celebrating the rededication of Aiyura Valley to God, PNG Independence Day 2004
School time in Bulal. It is kind of hard to see in the shadow, but the porch of this house was Nate, Ben, and Evan’s classroom for five weeks.
A permanent sign on the only road from Madang to the highlands
Pastors, prison guards, and convicts work side-by-side repairing the road to Bundiara, Eastern Highlands Province. They are filling an impassable mud bog with rocks by hand. I was the first one to get through (in 4-wheel drive) after the repair. I was on the way to a pastors’ conference.
Automatic flush toilet, Manus Island. This was the men’s toilet, made from an old, rusty water tank. The women’s toilet was down the beach a little ways. It was made entirely of bush materials, with woven bamboo walls instead of corrugated steel. Swimming under this structure is not recommended, nor is attempting to use the facilities if you don’t have good balance.
Some of our friends from the SIL Centre preparing to come back to Ukarumpa from Kainantu. Yes, they all fit in the same truck.
Typical garden area, showing burnt area being prepared for planting
Spectators an Ukarumpa International School sports day. The two competing teams were Red and Blue.
High school student finishing a relay race in first place
Stacking carrots at Ukarumpa market
Literacy class graduates
Baby sugar glider in a boy’s hand
Tairora houses
Tairora warrior
Tall hat & bush clothes, sing-sing in Aiyura
Tawny frogmouth, perched in a tree at night. The red eye is because of my camera’s flash. This particular bird was photographed in Queensland, Australia, but I have seen this kind of bird in Papua New Guinea, too. Once I saw that a man was selling three of them at the Ukarumpa market. I’m not sure if they were purchased for food or for pets.
A view along the Ukarumpa fence line, looking down towards the horse paddocks. The fence is supposed to help deter crime on centre.
Ladies from the Ukarumpa Tok Pisin Lotu dance during the dedication of Kainantu to Jesus Christ, 16 September 2003
Bible translation work in progress
Three neighbors
Bible study during the Translators’ Training Course. I led the study, but had them gather into groups to discuss the passage and put the Bible study techniques that I taught into practice.
Chicken heads and feet for sale at the Kainantu Market. Yum!

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