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page 9 - Goroka Show

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These photos were taken at the Goroka Show, a cultural exhibition in the Eastern Highlands Province, on the 17th of September, 2004. A variety of groups from different languages and cultures showed up to display their traditional costumes, songs, and dances.

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This guy doesn’t just have a propeller on his hat. He has the whole airplane.
Dressed to impress, and armed with bow and arrows
Being fat is considered a good thing, here.
Feathers, natural paints, natural fibers, and shells combine to make a nice outfit.
Women singers and dancers
Men and women danced together in some groups, separately in others.
Somewhere around here there must be a lot of birds with no more feathers.
The traditional kundu drum head material is lizard skin. It seems that flour bag material can be used, too, if you can’t find enough lizards.
Heavy use of makeup, but very colorful.
Lined up to sing and dance.
Imbongo women singing and dancing
Bird of paradise tail feathers decorate this guy’s arm.
Painted-on red masks match the red feathers.
Yellow mud and pierced noses
Nose rings and necklaces decorate this man’s clan.
Armed and decorated
Dancing on
The unfletched arrows aren’t very accurate. Fortunately, they are just for show.
Children participate in the sing-sings, too.
This necktie used to belong to a cuscus (or at least the furry part did).
My favorite picture taken that day: a little boy all dressed up like his dad.
Men dancing and drumming
Does your nose itch?
All dressed up and ready to sing & dance
Red-faced lady, painted with lipstick tree fruit

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