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These photos were taken at the Goroka Show, a cultural exhibition in the Eastern Highlands Province, on the 17th of September, 2004. A variety of groups from different languages and cultures showed up to display their traditional costumes, songs, and dances.

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Woman with red feather hat
Red makeup complements the red feathers
More red makeup
The distinctive face paint of this tribe includes a bright red nose.
Nice hat on this lady, huh?
Smile! You’re on Michael’s camera!
This lady is modeling red and yellow makeup and a matching decorative spear.
I’m curious what this man was singing about. There were as many languages sung as costume styles worn.
A mixed marriage, maybe?
A family dancing together with their clan
Singing and dancing men with kundu drums
Dancing with bows and arrows
Decorated woman with children
The decorations are taller than the man.
More tall decorations to dance with
These guys were happy to pose for me.
Younger dressed-up dancers.
Older dressed-up dancers.
White makeup & colored cassowary feather hat on a lady dancer.
The Coca-Cola bottle is empty.
Dancers practicing with drums & spears
Man with bow and arrow.
Half blink
OK, this isn’t a dancer. It’s just a flower. Flowers grow year-round, here.
Here is a view into the Ramu Valley on a cloudy day. Most days have some sunshine, but you don’t usually find valleys this green without some rain.

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