Sharing Photos Online

More photos are available at our new photo gallery for your viewing pleasure. I could have continued uploading more pictures and captions in the same place and style as we did at, but the people who wrote the programs behind have already solved some problems of making a useful web-based photo gallery fairly elegantly and inexpensively. They resize photos on the fly to make thumbnails and various other convenient sizes for you to download or view from whatever original size gets uploaded. That is a little nicer than the one or two size options I created manually. It also has a nice search facility, and convenient ways to organize photos. It is really better for sharing large numbers of photos than the way I was doing it. (The old gallery will stay as is, but for now, new photos will go to the new one at
There are other photo sharing sites, but I chose to use this one, because (1) I could try it for free and upgrade it inexpensively if I liked it, (2) it doesn’t host a lot of offensive material, and (3) I got used to the site by following the jouneys my brother in Christ, Joe Bollinger, at He is a good photographer as well as a godly man working on Jesus Video recordings in many languages.

Check it out. There are over 928 photos there (and I’m currently uploading more). There is bound to be at least one you like. 🙂