Faith, Family, and Flexibility

Michael and Lori Johnson familyOver the recent holidays, I spent some extra time in prayer about what the Lord wants us to do. I came away with some clear direction to start off this new year with. Our plans have changed. What is amazing is the way the Lord is opening doors. It is too soon to give all the details, but we are currently looking at going back to Papua New Guinea this June. For one thing, our “alien” daughter’s USA entry permit expires in June. Since PNG Social Services lost some very important adoption paperwork that we can’t re-create without being in Papua New Guinea. We can’t move forward on the adoption, and therefore on getting a better class of visa or citizenship for her. Her brothers are fine with going back sooner, and so are we. Really, we want to be where God wants us, and where it is best for our whole family. Of course, Nate won’t be coming with us this time, as he is busy with his university studies in Rhode Island… but I pray that God will make it possible for him to visit for Ben’s high school graduation.