My first web log (blog) posting

I have finally gotten around to getting a WordPress web log up and running. I’m sitting here with my daughter on my lap. I think that she is more impressed with the banana she is eating and that daddy is giving her some attention than whatever it is that I’m doing on the keyboard.

I’m still living like a nomad, out of a suitcase, never in one place for more than about a week, but I have high hopes that my family will have a home all to ourselves next month. God is good!

Things I thank God for today:
1. He loves me and saved me and saved my family.
2. He has given me a good wife and family.
3. He supplies all of what I need to do what He calls me to do.
4. He even supplies fun toys, like the nice camera an uncle gave me last week. (It was broken, but I repaired it and it works great, now.)
5. Beauty. God is an artist. Who else can pile up dirt, rocks, and dust and sprinkle it with plants and animals and make such majestic mountains as He can? Who else paints such great rainbows, sunrises, and sunsets? Who else could form mankind from the dust of the earth and from one couple populate the world with so many of His beautiful children? Only God, our great Father.