World English Bible “Essentially Done”!

World English Bible on an Android phone
The World English Bible thrives on electronic media.

One day in March 1994, I was discussing electronic Bible publishing with the Lord while driving between Boulder and Longmont in a Volkswagon Rabbit. I asked God directly what I should do about the lack of a modern English Bible translation that could be freely copied from computer to computer. He told me “You do one” (meaning that I should do my own Bible transation). We discussed that for a while, and, to make a very long story short involving many people who helped along the way and two decades of very part-time work, all 66 books of the World English Bible Old and New Testaments are now essentially done. This means that the automated language updates are done (and have been for a long time), and now the manual language updates are now also done. Praise God! He was right!

Now the perceptive among you will note that “essentially done” does not mean “totally, completely, finally done”. That is true. I still have a very large backlog of editing comments to wade through (like panning for gold) and submit some of those for consideration. Some of those will likely cause some edits, but those will likely all be very small, and very unlikely to change any meaning. There will be no more style changes except some made for consistency with other parts of the World English Bible. There is still the issue of the Deuterocanon/Apocrypha book updating, but those are usable as they are. There will probably be another audio recording done, too, not to mention typesetting and printing. And there are some people wanting Strong’s numbers in the source. Yes, there is more work to do!

Still, today, the 8th of Januray, 2014 is a day to celebrate! Hallelujah!

Read and enjoy!