Volcanic Parable

Very early Friday morning, 21 January 2011, I had a dream in which I saw a very large house in which we were working and living. It was in the mountains, and a creek ran between the house and a tall volcanic mountain. From time to time, hot lava rocks fell from the top of the volcano and landed in the creek, where they cooled and solidified. Nobody was afraid of the rocks, because they seemed to pose no threat, and any fire started across the creek would be quenched before it reached the house, even though the house was not far from the creek. This went on for some time, and people ignored it, eventually. Then I looked and saw an open crack, a fumarole, from which toxic gasses (H2S, etc.) came from deep in the earth. People looked at it, then carried on after a while, becoming used to both the hot rocks from the top and the fumarole. Again I looked, and the fumarole started slowly oozing hot lava. It attracted attention again, people took pictures, then got used to it and carried on. The lava stopped and froze at the creek, boiling lots of the water in the process. Nobody saw a threat, so they carried on as usual. Then the Lord told me to pack up and get ready to leave, so my family and some others did. Some didn’t. We had all of our stuff in the cars and trucks behind the building. Then I saw the hill across the creek starting to bulge, and the Lord told me to tell everyone to leave. Some did. Some did not. One crazy woman went and stood on the lava flow, and burned to death. She had told her daughter to go with her, but we kept her with us, instead. The Lord told me to give a last warning, so I did. Then those who were willing went to the loaded vehicles and drove away. As we left the area, there was a huge explosion of lava, rock, and gasses behind us, leaving no survivors among those who did not listen.
It was a vivid dream, with more details than I have written. It reminded me of the watchman warning to Ezekiel (33:6-7). The interpretation may be obvious, but I reserve the right to state the obvious. People get used to sin in increments, and don’t always perceive the danger that they should when they should when it gets close to them by degrees. Woe unto those who don’t heed the voice of the Lord, directly and through prophets, but listening and obeying can save your life, which is far more valuable than anything you might leave behind.