The Grass is Greener Here

The best place in the world to be is where God wants us to be, when He wants us to be there.
In 2007,

  • We moved twice (once within Colorado, once back to Papua New Guinea).
  • Lori renewed her teacher’s certificate.
  • I continued Bible translation software development while in Colorado.
  • Upon return to Papua New Guinea, Lori returned to teaching, and I started a new job doing custom database programming for the SIL PNG Aviation Department.
  • Two of Rachel’s post-placement home study reports were mailed to oblivion while we were in the USA, and never received by the Social Services office in Port Moresby. There were no backup copies anywhere. It took us being physically present in Papua New Guinea to recover from that mess. The process still has a long way to go, but at least the paperwork is moving, now.
  • We distributed about 1,000 fix-tuned radios that are permanently tuned to Wantok Radio Light.
  • I repaired the Wantok Radio Light station in Kainantu twice.
  • I have been leading a Bible study for 10th grade boys.

In 2008, our plans and goals are to:

  • Continue with our present jobs (teaching and Aviation Department Computer support).
  • Continue helping with Christian radio ministry as practical.
  • Continue leading a Bible study for Evan’s class.
  • Have a family vacation, including Nate.
  • Get Ben enrolled in college in the USA.
  • Complete Rachel’s legal adoption.
  • Attempt to participate in some Bible translation software global open source programming projects.

Long-term missions have long-lasting benefits. We don’t plan to retire before Jesus comes back, as long as we are able to keep serving Him on Earth.