Rocks in my Backpack

Michael thinking on a rockI got to read Tom Sholes’ book, Rocks in my Backpack, before leaving the USA. I found out that he did, indeed mention me in his book and its associated web site,, both by name and by photo, as he did many of the hundreds of boys (and girls) who had participated in his BSA troops and Explorer post. It wasn’t my solo arrival the morning after I was due back from an afternoon group hike that merited the mention, though, as I wondered out loud in my previous post. Mr. Sholes was nicer than that, although he did report several other death-defying incidents involving other boys.

I rate this book as definite recommended reading for anyone who is involved in scouting, including both BSA and Royal Rangers. There is wisdom that can be mined from the pages of that book.

By the way, the guy in the red nylon windbreaker and bell bottoms in the picture isn’t Nate. That also isn’t a scout uniform, but it was a scouting outing. I still like enjoying God’s handiwork like that.

Thank you, Tom Sholes, for being an excellent scoutmaster.