Toshiba Lemon Retired–Long Live the MacBook!

MacBook running Ubuntu LinuxThe last time I wrote about computers, I was happy to have found and fixed a serious problem with my Toshiba computer. I expressed high hopes that it would provide long and reliable service. Those hopes were disappointed as the Toshiba computer froze up a couple more times, one of which cost me about an hour of work. To me, having a computer that is so close to working well, but so far away, is frustrating. Fortunately, there is a good solution. A dear brother in the Lord gave me a MacBook notebook computer. I really like it. It has become my primary working notebook computer. The MacBook is smaller and lighter than the Toshiba computer, but it runs faster and has more RAM installed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it runs not only its native Mac OS X, but (with a little help from Parallels) Microsoft Windows and Linux, as well. This is important for the cross-platform Bible translation software development that I’m working on. Praise God! It works!
The Toshiba computer isn’t totally out of service, yet. It has been assigned to entertainment duty and for use in places where I don’t want to have my primary working machine, such as showing photos in a display booth or as a loaner for other people to use for less critical and less demanding applications.