Resurrection of a Toshiba computer

Just in case you read my last posting about our Toshiba notebook computer and were curious about the outcome… I had to send it to the Toshiba repair depot. I got it back a little over a week later, and so far, it is working right. The hard drive was replaced, so I have to reinstall all of the software and restore the data from backups, which is tedious and time-consuming, but possible. From now on, I intend to make regular disk drive image backups as well as backing up the most important data, because it takes several days to reinstall all of the software that I usually use when done package by package. I’m still not happy with the lack of reliability of this Toshiba Satellite P35 computer, nor am I satisfied with their international warranty service in Port Moresby, but after about a year and a half, I think I finally have the computer I paid for. I hope I get some good use out of it, now.