New and Ancient

News flash: after living out of suitcases since the 19th of June, we will finally have a place to unpack our suitcases next month. 🙂 We signed a lease, today. May God bless our landlords for letting us lease their very nice house for less than they could have made renting that place. This will be good both for our family and for my work on software development.

Orange flower with bug
The Lord blessed me with a new camera. Actually, it is a used camera that an uncle gave to me. He forgot about the camera on the 4-wheeler when running it through a car wash. After a couple of weeks fiddling with what used to be a very nice Nikon camera, he gave up and replaced it. Last week, he told me I could have it if I could fix it. After a bit of cleaning, it started working again, so I took the above picture, among others, in the process of testing it. May God bless my uncle. 🙂 He didn’t know it, but I had been wanting a camera like that one for a long time, and praying about how to get one. My old camera was nice, but this one is faster, higher resolution, and has a better zoom lens on it. That way I can quickly snap a picture of a running deer before it gets out of sight, like I did this morning:
Deer tail

I had a longing in my heart to write a new psalm to praise the Lord with, today.

So, is all well? Sure, from God’s prospective. He loves to stretch my faith. When do you suppose the money came in to cover the rent and security deposit? Less than 24 hours before it was due. But it was before. What about work? My main computer is still out of commission, and with it lots of work. I managed to copy off all of the important data, but it wouldn’t stay running long enough between spontaneous reboots, crashes, or hangs to actually finish a full system backup. That means that the days of work I spent setting up my software development environment will have to be redone. I can keep working on the reliable, but slower Dell computer that I share with the rest of the family, but the Toshiba hardware failure was a hit that I didn’t want to take. I realize that I’m totally dependent on God, even in the things He has given me talents for. If this were a normal business venture, the unreliable computer would have been replaced long ago with one as fast but more reliable. For now, I wait on the Lord. That is OK. He is faithful.