Installing a Bible Progressive Web App on iOS

A progressive web app is a sort of a mix between a web site and a regular app. It has an icon on your home screen, and can start it from that icon just like a regular app. It doesn’t come from an app store, but from a web site. It can be installed either on iOS or Android. There are several Bible progressive web apps hosted on Here is how to do it with the World English Bible:

1. Load the Bible progressive web app in your mobile web browser (normally Safari on iOS).

2. Select the share icon.

3. Select “Add to Home Screen”. You may need to scroll the options block to see this option.

4. Name the app and then select “Add”.

Now you can close the browser and start the app from the home screen. Congratulations! You did it.

Refreshing the Bible PWA Content

Sometimes a Bible on is updated, perhaps because translation is still in progress and an new book of the Bible is added, or maybe a typo gets corrected. In any case, you can make sure you have the updated version by clearing the website data from in your browser. To do that, start with settings app on your iPhone, then select “Safari”.

Then select “Advanced” options.

Select “Website Data”.

Then swipe left on “”.

Select “Delete” then “Done”.

Now you can close the settings app and reopen the progressive web app from the home screen icon. Fresh data will be downloaded.