What insights have you gained by working on a Bible translation?

See how great a love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God! Give thanks to Yahweh, for he is good, for his loving kindness endures forever. —1 John 3:1a; Psalm 118:1, World English Bible
Father God’s love is forever.

Yes, I have been asked that. I think that maybe the person asking was expecting some great subtle meaning involving deep understanding of the Greek and Hebrew text of the Holy Bible, or maybe an authoritative answer on some issue that Christian scholars debate. After an initial reaction somewhat akin to what you might expect from Albert Einstein after you ask him to condense all he knows about physics into one 30 second explanation, or from your favorite musician when asked to explain all he or she knows about music in 15 seconds, I thought about it and decided that I could indeed give a profound insight. Of course, I am no Albert Einstein, and my musical skill is almost all on the appreciation side, but I have been intentionally walking with God since 1970, and reading and studying the Holy Bible for that whole time. Through decades of service including formal education, military service, working as an Engineer, missionary service, marriage, raising children, working on the World English Bible and related Bible translation projects, and publishing hundreds of other Bible translations digitally, I have learned a great deal. I could write books about it all, if I had time. There are things I learned from success, things I learned from failure, and mostly things that I learned by the grace of Father God, the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the patience and strength of the Holy Spirit.

So here is a small sample of profound truth that God taught me:

  • God is good.
  • God is real.
  • God loves you.
  • The Holy Bible is reliable.
  • The most profound Truth of the Holy Bible is in the main themes, clearly repeated, and understandable even in translations of marginal quality.
  • Righteousness rests on God’s love to us and flowing through us to others.
  • God’s love is the key to unlocking the power of wisdom to combine with knowledge.
  • I pay great attention to detail in Bible translation out of respect for God and His Word, and still focus on the major themes of the Holy Bible in life, out of respect for Father God’s intent.
  • A little bit of knowledge without love is dangerous, but knowledge of the real Truth combined with Love is powerfully good.
  • God’s grace in my life is truly amazing, so I keep striving to improve showing grace to others.

I speak as one still learning and growing in God’s ways. If you get the above in your heart, and not just in surface mental assent, it will change your life. If you spend more time reading, speaking, and meditating on God’s Word than you do in worldly entertainment, your spiritual life will be much healthier and you will have greater joy.

Do you need a copy of the Holy Bible? Go get a free digital copy at WorldEnglish.Bible as my gift to you, which was freely given to me by God. Or, if English isn’t your first language, look for the Holy Bible in your language at eBible.org/find.