Welcome to our new web site!

After many months of acknowledging that our own missionary web site was in serious need of revision, both in the content and in the structure, I celebrated the President’s Day weekend by actually doing it. I tried to present the important stuff in bite-sized chunks so that important details that people might want to know didn’t get lost in the sea of information, while still providing most of the information that was there, before. I also disposed of the old frame-based structure with a WordPress/PHP structure. As for the domain name, eBible.org is great, but that domain is primarily about the Holy Bible, and not about us, which left Kahunapule.org and mpj.us. Unless you speak Hawaiian or know my initials well, those aren’t so memorable. So, we added the new domain name MLJohnson.org (for Michael and Lori Johnson, of course) as the primary domain name, and left the others as aliases for that. Also, to avoid potential problems with unwanted advertising, we moved this journal to our own server instead of using our old free WordPress account. The net effect is less patchwork-like. We hope you like it!