The Great Technician

I was really happy to have succeeded at fixing a satellite relay station of the Papua New Guinea Christian Broadcasting Network (Wantok Radio Light) in Kainantu. The man in the picture is smiling because I just gave him a solar-powered fix-tuned radio, playing Wantok Radio Light. That nice little Galcom radio is really good for PNG, because batteries cost lots of money relative to people’s income, and people don’t always have access to electrical power. The thrill of victory turned to the agony of defeat quickly when I got back to Aiyura, and the station had gone off the air, again, then drifted on and off rapidly enough to make the station pretty useless. I had done all I knew to do. I just turned to the Lord, and asked Him to either fix it Himself, send an angel to fix it, send someone else to fix it, or show me how to fix it. That evening, the radio station came back on. And stayed on. I’m listening to it, now. Glory be to GOD! He is a better electronics technician than I am. He is the master architect, engineer, designer, and Creator of all that is used to make anything electronic.