New Testament and Old Testament Completions 2008-2009

One of the most spiritually intense portions of the Bible translation process is the completion phase. (A close second is getting started.) Of course, there are battles all along the way, but it is especially worth while to pray for the translation and publication teams working on the end stages of the translation and for the people who just had the Scriptures made available to them in their own language to open their hearts to what the Lord has to say to them.

It is also a great encouragement to us who are doing the work of Bible translation and fulfilling the Great Commission to see progress being made. Included in “us” are Bible translators, consultants, Bible translation support workers on the field and at home, everyone who sends money and other resources to supply those listed above, and those who pray in faith.

In the first draft of this article, I attempted to list the names of languages of Bible translations finishing in 2008 and 2009 that were cleared for publication, being finished by several different Bible translation agencies. Because of concerns about accuracy of a few of the entries, I’ve removed the list rather than try to verify and reconstruct it. (It was a really long list, and I only have about 86400 seconds per day.) I still encourage your prayers for the home stretch of these Bible translation projects. God knows their names.