Michael’s Psalm 99

Fear God! Written 24 April 2008 (19 Nissan 5768)

Father in Heaven, you are awesome!
    Demons flee and the earth quakes at your presence.
Every star and every planet was formed by your command.
    O Holy Father, your power is beyond all others.
Awe and dread of your glory melt your enemies.
    No power in heaven, hell, or earth can withstand your judgement.
Repent while there is still time, for Jesus is coming!
    On that day, there will be no time to turn.
Yahweh is good and merciful, yet his justice is certain.
    The only way to escape doom is through the blood of Jesus Christ.
Anointed Jesus, thank you for fulfilling the law and redeeming us all.
    Dear Lord, thank you for your love that surpasses all other love.
Holy Father, thank you for sending your Son to take our punishment.
    O Papa God, thank you that Jesus rose again!
We welcome you, Holy Spirit!
    Under your wings, we are secure.
Every trouble can be overcome with you.
    By faith in Jesus and his precious blood, all our sin is gone.
Hallelujah! Glory be to God forever and ever!
    Thank you Father for redeeming us and showing us your glory!

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