Michael’s Psalm 100

Rejoice with Jesus! Written 21 August 2008 (20 Av 5768)

Rejoice! Jesus Christ is alive!
    Lord, thank you for life!
Every good and perfect gift comes from you.
    All that is holy and worthy of praise is yours.
Jesus, we love you.
    Unwavering love fills us to overflowing.
Overabundant blessings make our hearts glad.
    God of Love, you are awesome!
I worship you, Holy Father!
    Holy One, we love to serve you.
Christ Jesus, you are worthy to rule those you redeemed.
    In sinless perfection, you choose what is right for us.
Everlasting Spirit of Truth, we welcome you!
    Never let us grieve you or forsake your wisdom.
In Truth we are free.
    Jesus is our freedom forever.
Never more will I have to be separated from you, Lord.
    Everlasting life with you is truly wonderful!
God, you are truly a loving Father.
    Surround me with your glory, Father.
On your Word, I stand secure forever.
    Upon your Truth, I rest safely eternally.
Delightful Lord, I rejoice in you!
    Smile at me, and I overflow with joy!

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