Michael’s Psalm 101

God is Love. Written 18 September 2008 (18 Elul 5768)

God of love, you are amazing!
    Lover of my soul, you are awesome!
Only you are worthy of our worship.
    Only you gave us life and redeemed us.
Dear Father, your works prove your love.
    Very mighty works deliver us from destruction.
I love you, Lord, more than anyone and anything.
    Everything else in the Universe pales compared to your glory.
Saviour, I thank you for your sacrifice.
    Jesus, I honor you for giving your life to save us.
Love is the strongest influence in the Universe.
    Even the master deceiver will be defeated.
O Father God, we trust you.
    Saviour, Anointed Jesus, we believe in you.
Victorious King, your love reigns!
    Unfailing love rules in the Kingdom of God forever!
Everlasting love is the greatest treasure in the Universe.
    Sure and steadfast forever, God is love!

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