Michael’s Psalm 98

Peace and Joy. Written 13 March 2008 (6 Adar II 5768)

Precious Lord, I seek your peace.
    Father in Heaven, I need your rest.
Even though I work hard, I cannot deserve your blessing.
    Action is not enough to offer you.
Almighty Father, what is it you want from us?
    There is nothing I can offer you that you did not give me.
Come fill me with your love, Holy One.
    Hear my heart cry for your affection.
Ever more let me be sensitive to your needs.
    Even now and forever, I will keep following you.
All your words are life and peace to me.
    Reign in my heart, my Righteous Lord.
Now I trust you with my life, Father.
    Saviour, I know that you love me dearly.
Dear Lord, thank you for being patient with me.
    Lord Jesus, thank you for redeeming me.
Jesus, you are King of Kings, indeed.
    O Messiah, you are Lord of Lords, in Truth.
On your Word, I stand firm.
    Victory belongs to your people!
Yes, Lord, I love you!
    Eternal worship is yours!

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