Michael’s Psalm 97

A prayer of dedication. Written 13 December 2007 (4 Tevet 5768)

Yes, Lord Jesus, I love you!
    Jesus, my Saviour, you are my Lord!
Every day, I am reminded of your goodness.
    O, precious Father, I am amazed at your love.
Sun, moon, and stars beyond measure declare your glory.
    Your creation sings for joy every morning.
Hallelujah! You give your children victory!
    Father, thank you for enabling us to overcome evil!
Upon your promises, your people stand secure.
    Under your wings, your children find refuge.
All creation will acknowledge that you are God.
    Lord of Love, you are the perfect Ruler.
Holy Father, you alone are worthy of our worship.
    Lord of Lords, your love for us is everlasting.
I seek your manifest presence, Most Holy One.
    Overflow my life with your goodness and mercy.
Satan tries to defeat us, but you have even overcome death!
    Victory over all of the enemy's deceitful snares is our destiny.
Lord, we bow down before you and no other god.
    Eternal Father, you alone are God.
O, Father, let your love always fill me to overflowing.
    Dear Lord, let your Holy Spirit always teach and comfort me.
Reign in my life, my Righteous King.
    Allow me the pleasure of serving you forever.
Destroy all that causes evil and redeem your children, according to your Word.
    Deliver us from wickedness, and let us praise and enjoy your presence forever!

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