Michael’s Psalm 96

Praise. Written 16 August 2007, 2 Elul 5767

Jesus the Messiah rules!
    Jesus Christ reigns in Heaven!
Every time I have a problem, He is there to help.
    Each time I call on Him, He listens.
Such love from the Master is amazing!
    Such attention from the Creator is wonderful!
Under Yahweh’s righteous rule, we rejoice.
    Under our Father's protection, we rest securely.
Surely, I rejoice to follow Jesus.
    Sacrifice to the Lord is my delight.
Real riches come from our Father.
    Satan offers only temporary imitations.
Everlasting joy is better than gold or fame.
    Heaven’s delights are everlasting.
I see only hints and imperfect images of Paradise, here.
    I look forward to real Paradise with my Saviour.
God is greater than all of mankind.
    Nobody is as good and righteous as God.
No angel or spirt can compare with the Almighty Father.
    Every created being owes life to Him.
Sing praises to God for joy in Him!
    Shout victory for God’s Kingdom!

Hot Water Heater

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