Michael’s Psalm 95

Adoration. Written 13 July 2007, 17 Av 5767

Jesus, my Saviour, I love you!
    Jesus, my Lord, I worship you!
Eternal life is an awesome gift!
    Everlasting life with you is wonderful!
Stars proclaim your glory above.
    Sunshine pales compared to the light of your glory!
Under the depths of the oceans, you hide treasure.
    Under the deep waters, mysteries wait to be revealed.
Silver is common and cheap compared to your wisdom.
    Sparkling jewels cannot rival your perfect love.
Create in me a pure heart, O Father.
    Cleanse me with the precious blood of Jesus.
Holy Spirit, flood my whole being.
    Holy One, teach me your ways.
Righteousness comes from you, alone.
    Right living is by your power.
I need you more than the air you made.
    I seek your approval more than water.
Show your love through me, Lord.
    Shine your glory all around me, Father.
Take me with you into your kingdom.
    Take your multitudes home.

Morning Mist

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