Michael’s Psalm 93

Breakthrough! Written 7 Februrary 2007, 19 Shevat 5767

Blessed is the Lord God Almighty!
    Jesus Christ is King forever!
Religions come and go, but Father God lives forever!
    Everlasting life with Jesus causes great joy.
Eternity beckons and Jesus is the way.
    Sons and daughters of God live forever.
All our sorrows and pains dim in light of Heaven.
    Unsurpassed joy awaits God's children!
Keep faithful to Jesus the Messiah!
    Sing praises to the King of Kings!
There is none like you, Lord!
    Victory belongs to you and your people.
Heaven and earth rejoice at your love.
    I appreciate your beauty and your handiwork.
Righteous Father, I love you.
    Cares and worries cannot defeat me in you.
Our light shines far and wide.
    The Good News of Jesus floods the world.
Unrighteous spirits resist us, but you win.
    Opposition’s delays are short-lived.
Great God, fill Heaven with your people!
    Righteous Father, let multitudes praise you forever!
Holy Saviour, you reign for all time!
    Yahweh is LORD!

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