Michael’s Psalm 92

Holy Anger. Written 14 December 2006, 23 Kislev 5767

Holy Father, I come boldly before you through the blood of the Anointed Jesus!
    Loving Daddy, thank you that you have accepted me as your son!
O Lord, thank you for cleansing me and teaching me your ways!
    I rely on your direction for salvation in a perverse world.
Let your children see your triumph over darkness!
    Victory belongs to us in Jesus Christ!
Your wrath is no longer directed at us.
    In holy anger, you only destroy those who keep rejecting your Son.
All other objects of worship are destined for destruction, but you live forever.
    No way will satan and his followers escape their doom!
No other power or principality is worthy of worship, like you!
    God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus, I love you!
Great Father, you are good, wise, loving, and powerful!
    God of love, you prove your love and trustworthiness by your actions.
Every good and perfect gift comes from you, dear Father.
    Our very life and breath are presents from you.
Rejoice, for our loving God reigns forever!
    Dance and shout for joy, because Jesus is King!

Mount Shevano, Colorado, USA

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