Michael’s Psalm 91

Thanksgiving. Written 24 November 2006, 3 Kislev 5767

Thank you Dear Father in Heaven for your love!
    Thank you Loving God for your mercy and kindness!
Holy Father, there is no one like you!
    Holy Yahweh, you alone are God!
All of the other spirits are subject to you.
    All of creation gains life from you.
No wisdom surpasses yours.
    Nobody understands things like you do.
Keep us from harm, Dear Father.
    Keep us close to you.
You provide us with all good things to enjoy.
    So much more than that, you gave your Son to save us.
Our grattitude goes to you for your incomparable love!
    Truly there is no greater love than yours.
Understanding like yours is a wonderful thing.
    Only Jesus can intercede perfectly, knowing our weaknesses.
Far above all that you give us in this world, you gave eternal life!
    Oh, how marvelous is the anticipation of life forever with you!
Author of salvation and redemption, we love you!
    Upon the solid Rock of your Truth, we are secure!
Thank you, Lord of Heaven, for showing your love for us!
    Righteous Father, thank you for loving us while we were still unlovely!
Hallelujah! The Lord of Peace is victorious!
    God Almighty has made the Way for us to overcome evil!
Everlasting life is an awesome gift!
    Oh, Mighty God, what joy to live with you forever!
Reign forever, O King of Kings!
    Daily delight us with your goodness!

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