Michael’s Psalm 89

Holiness. Written 13 October 2006 (21 Tishri 5767)

Heaven declares the glory of God!
    Great is the Creator of all good things!
Our Father in Heaven is the Author of Love!
    Our Lord is the Master of Mercy!
Let God's pure love overflow from us!
    Our sin and darkness is gone forever!
I love you, Jesus!
    Dear Father, I love you!
Now you are in me, Revered Holy One!
    Now you teach me your ways!
Everlasting life is an amazing and wonderful gift!
    Eternal fellowship with you is excellent beyond words!
Savior of all, we worship you!
    Surround us with your presence!
Surely you are welcome here with your people.
    Show us more of your glory, and let us rejoice with you!


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