Michael’s Psalm 88

Beautiful! Written 30 September 2006 (9 Tishri 5767)

Beautiful Lord, I am in awe of your handiwork!
    Wonders of your creation keep telling of your glory.
Every day, I appreciate your artistry.
    Oh, Father, how awesome are your works!
Animals and plants grow and multiply to your glory.
    New flowers bloom and trees grow from tiny seeds by your Word.
Under the surface of your creations, you hide more beauty.
    Deep in caves and in far places, you placed treats for us yet to behold.
The heavens declare your glory every day and every night!
    Every star gives its appointed light in its proper place.
Intricate details both small and great show your design.
    Riches of discovery wait for those who seek you!
Faces of billions of your children all reflect your glory!
    Faces full of your joy defy circumstances!
Unbound children break free of addictions and sin in you!
    Under the blood of Jesus Christ, we are washed clean!
Lord Yahweh, you alone make life worth living.
    Lord Jesus, thank you for everlasting life!


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