Michael’s Psalm 90

Fill me! Written 29 October 2006

Father in Heaven, I thank you for life!
    Holy God, I thank you for your love!
I worship you willingly, Most Holy Father!
    Only you give everlasting hope and peace.
Lord Jesus, you are worthy of the greatest honor.
    Lord of Lords and King of Kings is your rightful title.
Love like yours is wonderful and great!
    Your perfect love vanquishes fear!
Mighty foes are scattered by the mention of your name.
    Fearsome enemies flee from your presence.
Enemies who imagine that they can overcome you only deceive themselves.
    Although your grace and patience are great, your Word is sure.
Let your love show through me.
    There is no higher love than yours.
Oh, Most Holy One, please fill me with your presence.
    Holy Spirit, I yield to you.
Reach out to the people you love through me, Dear Jesus.
    Everyone needs to hear your great news!
Dear Father, I worship you!
    Revered Holy One, I love you!


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