Michael’s Psalm 86

Father’s Love. Written 16 February 2006 (18 Shevat 5766)

Dear Father in Heaven, we love you!
    Children need their father’s love.
Abba Father, your love is amazing!
    Heaven’s best was given to redeem us.
Did it have to be with your firstborn Son that you purchased our salvation?
    Is there no other way?
Dear Lord, we are grieved that we cost you so much.
    Loving Father, we rejoice that you love us so much.
You are my delight and my fortress.
    Daddy and Almighty Creator, you are my comfort.
Let your arms of love surround your children.
    Father, teach us to love like you.
Open Heaven’s gates and bless us with true riches.
    Allow us to be generous and love like you.
Victorious Savior, we worship you!
    I give my life to serve you.
Eternal Father, I trust you.
    Timeless Loving God, I believe in you.
Surely I will enjoy being with you forever!
    Hallelujah! Praise be to Jesus the Messiah!

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