Michael’s Psalm 85

Love is patient. Written 20 December 2005 (19-20 Kislev 5766)

Love is patient.
    Caring outlasts suffering.
Our Father God’s love lasts forever.
    Eternity will never reduce our Lord’s love.
Victory in the Anointed Son lasts forever.
    Love outlasts all challenges.
Everlasting love empowers faith.
    Eternal love breeds joy.
I worship the God of love.
    Behold, God is love.
Stars shine because of God’s love.
    Rain falls because of the Almighty One’s love.
Power without love destroys itself.
    Abundant love empowers even the weak.
All glory belongs to our loving Father.
    There is no match for God’s great love.
Time cannot weaken love.
    Eternity proves love.
In Jesus living hands, scars prove His love.
    Both of the Messiah’s feet bear scars of love.
Every breath I take is courtesy of God’s matchless love.
    All who truly believe in Jesus the Messiah benefit from His love.
Nothing can separate us who believe in Jesus from His love.
    Belief in Christ Jesus is never in vain.
Tell all who will listen that God loves them.
    Yes, God loves you.

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