Michael’s Psalm 77

Written 21 October 2004 (7 Heshvan 5765)

Beautiful Saviour, I love you!
    Gracious Father, I worship you!
Every good and perfect gift comes from you.
    Love and forgiveness are your matchless gifts.
All that is good in me, I owe to you.
    Only you supply all I truly need.
Under your protection, I am secure.
    Real life outlasts this body I live in.
Thank you for the beauty of your holiness!
    In your presence, I rejoice in your righteous love!
I rejoice in you, dear Lord.
    Father, I appreciate you.
From age to age, your wonders are marvellous.
    Indeed, you are very creative in showing your great love.
Unlovely people become lovely in your tender care.
    Even the worst of sinners who repent are washed clean.
Loveliness abounds in your creation, but you exceed it all!
    Dear Father, you are glorious!

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