Michael’s Psalm 76

Declaring the glory of God’s redemption plan in two languages (English and Melanisian Pidgin)

Written 25 September 2004 (Yom Kippur, 10 Tishrei 5765)

Mi tainim tok i go long Tok Pisin long Sarere, 25 Septemba 2004

Our Father in Heaven, we love you!
    You are holy and kind, too!
You made all stars, planets, and galaxies.
    From unseen things you made all the eye sees.
You crafted seeds with instructions for growth,
    and from them created plants and animals both.
Over this world you set your man.
    Though he fell to sin, you had a plan.
Angels and heavenly creatures watch
    to see why you made mankind your own match.
“How can mankind be redeemed from evil,
    so that they can serve God and not the devil?”
Of all mankind, you preserved one family.
    Noah escaped the destruction he could see.
From Noah’s descendants, you saw where Abraham stood.
    Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob kept your covenant of blood.
From their seed, you saved a baby boy from the Nile river.
    This boy grew up to be a prophet and a law giver.
Moses prescribed the atoning sacrifice for Israel’s seed.
    On your altar, animals would bleed.
Yet your holy, loving plan
    was to reach well beyond this one clan.
From your covenant people you found a mother
    who would bear your own son, a Savior.
Jesus showed us how to live in love and brotherhood.
    Then he saved us with his very own blood.
This one thing is marvelous indeed,
    but you did more to meet our need.
You raised Jesus the Messiah back to life,
    then promised his believers eternal life.
You tell the truth and cannot lie.
    Your Word is worth more than all the earth and sky.
Your righteousness is amazing!
    You use your power in loving!
We worship you, Father God!
    You are worthy because you are so good!

Papa long Heven, mipela i laikim yu tumas!
    Yu i stap holi na yu naispela olgeta!
Yu yet yu wokim olgeta sta na graun.
    Yu kisim ol samting mipela i no inap lukim na wokim olgeta samting mipela inap lukim.
Yu wokim pinis ol sit na kiau, na dispela samting i gat plan bilong kamapim samting.
    Yu kisim dispela ol liklik samting na kamapim ol samting na em i karim pikinini.
Yu wokim man na givim em dispela graun.
    Taim man i pundaun wantaim sin, yu gat wanpela plan.
Ol ensel na olgeta samting i gat laip long Heven i lukluk
    bilong kisim save long as bilong yu wokim man olsem yu yet.
“Long wanem rot manmeri inap lusim rong,
    na ol kamap inap wokman bilong God, na nogat givim laip long devil?”
Long olgeta manmeri, you kisim wanpela femili.
    Noa i lusim wanpela bikpela birua, na em i lukim dispela birua tasol.
Tumbuna pikinini bilong Noa i karim Abraham, na God i lukim pasin bilong em.
    Abraham, Aisak, na Jekop i bihainim kontrak bilong blut wantaim yu.
Ol i kamapim tumbuna lain, na long dispela lain yu helpim wanpela bebi, nogut em i dring wara na dai.
    Dispela pikinini i kamap profet na em i givim lo long ol lain Israel.
Moses i givim lo bilong rausim sin.
    Ol abus i mas lusim blut na dai long alta.
Tasol plan bilong yu i holi na i givim bel moa yet.
    Yu laik kisim bek olgeta narapela lain, tu.
Yu painim na lukim wanpela meri insait long lain i gat kontrak wantaim yu,
    na em i karim man bilong kisim bek ol manmeri.
Jisas i soim mipela pasin bilong laip bilong givim bel na laikim narapela olsem mipela save laikim wanpela brata.
    Em i givim blut bilong em yet bilong kisim bek mipela.
Dispela wanpela samting em i bikpela samting,
    tasol yu winim dispela moa yet bilong kamapim ol samting mipela i gat nit long en.
Yu kisim bek Jisas long matmat, na yu givem em laip.
    Tu, yu tok promis yu givim ol manmeri i bilip long Jisas laip i stap gut oltaim oltaim.
Yu tok tru olgeta taim, na yu no inap giaminim mipela.
    Tok bilong yu i winim olgeta graun na skai.
Gutpela passin bilong yu i hamamasim mipela!
    Yu gat olgeta strong, na yu wokim pasin bilong givim bel wantaim dispela strong!
Mipela i lotuim yu, Papa God!
    Yu kisim lotu bilong mipela bikaus yu gutpela tumas!

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