Michael’s Psalm 75

Written 15 August 2004 (29 Av 5764)

Jesus, we love you!
    Yeshua, we honor you!
Every knee will bow to Jesus, the Messiah.
    Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.
Shout for Joy, because Jesus has risen!
    Sing his praises, because Jesus is King of Kings!
Under the blood of Jesus, we have a covenant.
    His blood completely removed our sin.
Saviour, you have rescued us!
    Upon your Word, we rest secure.
I know that you are faithful to keep your Word.
    All creation relies on your Truth.
Serpents and sinners try to deceive, but you are honest.
    Liars cannot fool you.
Love never fails.
    In you, we are empowered to love.
Oh, that my love may be like yours!
    Victorious love cannot end.
Rejoice! For our God reigns!
    Eternal, joy-filled life is Jesus’ gift!
Day and night, we sing your praises.
    Songs of praise recount your mighty works!

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