Michael’s Psalm 74

Written 18 July 2004 (1 Av 5764)

Hallelujah! Praise be to Yahweh!
    I praise, you, my Father!
Eternal God, I worship you.
    Surely your love is everlasting!
Let your glory be known in me.
    Evict any wicked ways from me.
Please help me to live pleasing you.
    Every step I take, let me honor you.
Make me into the person you want me to be.
    Keep calling to me if I start to stray.
Establish me in your righteousness.
    You have truly taken all of my sin away.
Jesus, I long to please you.
    O my Lord, let me be found faithful.
Eternal life with you is greater than all the world’s wealth.
    Unsurpassed pleasures are with you, my King.
Surely I have nothing to offer you that you haven’t given me.
    Gladly I return a portion of your gifts to you and your people.
Uphold me and strengthen me, my Father.
    Only your strength brings victory.
Speak life into me and through me.
    Declare joy and victory through Jesus Christ!

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