Michael’s Psalm 78

A psalm of thanksgiving. Written 26 November 2004 (13 Kislev 5765)

Thank you, Jesus!
    We love you, Lord!
Holy Spirit, we welcome you.
    Everlasting Father, we praise you.
All that is good in our lives comes from you.
    Lord, we appreciate your grace.
No weapon formed against your people can prevail.
    Our enemies cannot steal your gift of salvation.
King of kings, you rule over all rulers.
    Victorious Lord, you conquered death!
You overcame all the powers of darkness.
    Every knee must bow to you.
On your Word we rely.
    Your Word is Truth.
Unfailing love is your delight.
    Our desire is to return your love.
Jesus, we rejoice in your love for us.
    Unfailing love brings us into your family.
Everlasting life with you is our sure reward.
    Life with you is full of joy!
Savior, thank you for healing me!
    O Lord, thank you for health!
Understanding that you love us comforts me.
    Realizing your mercy and kindness gives me joy.
Son of God, you are my trustworthy defender!
    Deliverer, I thank you!

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