Michael's 7th Psalm

An acrostic psalm. Copy freely. Written 6 April 1997 between 5:20 PM and 5:40 PM. This is about real events in China.

My soul longs for my brothers in prison.
    False gods and human lies lead to torture.
An apostle visited them, and they encouraged him.
    Royal ambassadors clad in farm clothing met the apostle.
Rays of hope and truth came from their mouths.
    Every word spoke of victory.
Then the servants of Satan arrived to arrest them.
    Enemy troops advanced on God's Kingdom.
Yahweh delivered the apostle, who walked right through their midst.
    The apostle, unarmed in the flesh, was escorted by angels.
Running free to the next task God called them to, the apostle left the country.
    Heralding success, but challenged, the apostle grows in faith.
Security guards burst in on the royal ambassadors, and bound them.
    Even through torture and imprisonment, the ambassadors endure.
All my brothers in chains cry to You for help, dear God.
    Come and save them, mighty God.
Remember the pain and torture You felt at the hands of similar people?
    All our hope is in You, Jesus, because You overcame the world.
Enemy forces attack Your people, but You are stronger, dear God.
    Prisons are no match for You, as You have broken many out of them.
Free the captive brothers, please, Father. You know them by name.
    Their names are those of mighty saints in China, who long for Your Kingdom.
Royal ambassadors, all of them, not just 5, but uncounted people suffer for You.
    I call on You, Father, please rescue Your mighty men in prison.
Every breath of ours is from You, dear Father, and we praise You.
    Victory in life and death both come from You.
Even the stones and mountains cry out of Your glory.
    Every created thing declares Your majesty.
Do right, and save us, dear Father, because we all suffer with our brothers.
    Save us, and let us praise You for the glory of Your salvation!

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