Michael's 8th Psalm

An acrostic psalm for worship. Copy freely. Written 13 April 1997

With your own blood, you saved me from sin, disease, and poverty.
    Jesus sanctified us by his blood sacrifice, once for all saints for all time.
Our hope is in Jesus, in whose righteousness we stand.
    Every sin has been cleansed away from us.
Reliable and righteous words proceed from God's mouth to renew our thinking.
    Sure and faithful are all of God's words, which cleanse our minds.
Surely I set my will to follow Jesus forever.
    Until Jesus returns, my Counselor leads me in His ways.
Holy Spirit, please fill me with your presence.
    Spirit of the living God, please anoint me with greater boldness and power.
I command myself to rejoice in Yahweh.
    I lift up my emotions to God.
Praise and prayer ascend from me before you, dear God, like incense.
    Smell my sweet offering of praise, dear Father.
You are my strength and my joy, dear Father, because you show love to me.
    Many are your mighty works of redemption towards me, dear God.
Although I was a sinner and headed for destruction,
    You lifted me up from the miry pit and saved me.
Happy are those who follow you by faith, Abba Father.
    Keep teaching me your ways, as you have until now.
Wonderful gifts flow from you towards me, according to your Word.
    Increasing blessings are mine, beyond what I deserve.
Everything about you is awesome, holy, and wonderful, Father.
    No lie ever crossed your lips, nor ever can, because you are holy.
Hallelujah! Praise be to Yahweh!
    Glory be to our Father in Heaven forever!

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