Michael's 6th Psalm

An acrostic psalm. Prayer for salvation, healing, and provision. Copy freely. Written 5 April 1997.

 Save us, Jesus!
    Jesus, you are our only hope for salvation!
All our sins surround us, bringing sorrow and sickness.
    Every day we struggle to keep pure, but Satan and our flesh attack.
Victory is ours, won by your sacrifice so long ago!
    Surely you will continually save us from sin, poverty, and disease.
Each of us, your people, long for you.
    Urgently we ask you for help and healing.
Under the world's system, we are tormented and afflicted.
    "Sin isn't sin," they say, and "God is evil," they falsely claim.
Surely your truth prevails, and your loving compassion redeemed us.
    Salvation belongs to Yahweh, and his Anointed Son.
Jesus carried our sins and sicknesses.
    All our healing was purchased by Jesus as he was flogged.
Every sickness known to mankind is less than death.
    Victoriously, Jesus rose from the grave!
Surely the same Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead lives in us.
    Even the least of God's people are protected by the Almighty God.
Under your blessing, and not your curse, we live in peace.
    Surely you are good beyond our expectations, Yahweh, our Father!
Salvation, healing, and provision come from God.
    Until you come for us, we long for you. How long, dear God?
    Save us, Jesus!

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