Michael's Fifth Psalm

For Easter. Copy freely. Written 28 March 1997.

 Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
    Jesus is my Lord and my God.
Even the skeptical Thomas saw and believed.
    Evidence of Jesus' resurrection is plain to see.
Sorrow and mourning evaporate!
    Sadness is replaced with rejoicing and reunion.
Under Jesus' blood are all of my sins.
    Upright and holy I stand because of Jesus' blood.
Satan was judged and defeated soundly.
    Sealed and sure is Satan's final destruction.
In great victory, Jesus triumphed over the grave.
    My beloved Lord lives again, that we may also live.
Sing for Joy to the Lord, all you saints of God!
    You who love God, praise Him in song!
Lift up your heads, and rejoice in the Father!
    Lift up your hands, and praise Yahweh!
Our God is awesome and majestic!
    Only our one God is this powerful and loving.
Rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!
    Rejoice God's gift of eternal life!
Daily give thanks to God for His Counselor and everlasting life!
    Downpours of God's Holy Spirit drench us with love, joy and peace!

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