Michael's Fourth Psalm

For Palm Sunday. Copy freely. Written 22 March 1997

 Hallelujah! Praise be to Yahweh, who made Heaven and Earth!
    Holy is our God and Father, creator of the universe!
All the saints and holy angels praise You forever, our good God.
    Always pouring out love and devotion with our lips to You.
Love comes from our Father, who made us and teaches us.
    Life itself is an expression of our Father's love.
Love has no stronger expression than Jesus' sacrifice.
    Life itself wasn't more important to Him than saving us.
Every stripe on Jesus' back was torn for our healing.
    Even His bruises bore our iniquities in our place.
Love for us cost Jesus, God's Anointed Son, his life.
    Love and the Father's power raised Jesus up again.
Under the Earth, Jesus bore our punishment, but didn't decay.
    Ultimate sacrifice made us free from bondage to sin.
Jesus is the victor over Death and Destruction!
    Jesus holds the keys to Death and Hades.
All our hope is in Jesus, our Messiah.
    Always rejoice, because Jesus has overcome the enemy!
How awesome is God's power, exercised in love!
    Hallelujah! Praise be to Yahweh, who made Heaven and Earth!

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