Michael's Third Psalm

An alphabetic acrostic psalm. 15 March 1997

Always praise the Lord,
    And bless his Holy Name;
Because His faithfulness and lovingkindness endure forever.
    Bless God, who always tells the truth.
Call on Yahweh, our Father, for help.
    Come close to Him, and He will deliver you.
Delivered from sin, disease, and death, we are free!
    Deeds of evil and unholy addictions have no hold on us.
Every day, I am reminded of God's goodness.
    Even the animals declare the Creator's glory.
Faith in Jesus, God's Anointed one, gives life worth living.
    Forever will Jesus give life to his people.
God is great, and greatly to be praised.
    Glory be to the Almighty God!
Heaven is glorious with God's light and love.
    Holy angels join with God's people in praising Him in Heaven.
I will praise and serve God forever.
    In the holy of holies, I will offer the fruit of my lips.
Joy comes from the Lord.
    Jesus causes great rejoicing.
King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus rules forever.
    Kings and presidents bow before Jesus, who is over all.
Love pours forth from Yahweh like mighty waterfalls.
    Lovingkindness overflows the cups of the Father's children.
My God is mighty, and well able to perform all His promises.
    Might and power mixed with love and compassion live in God.
No weapon formed against God's people can prevail.
    Not even death can separate God's people from Him.
Oh, the riches of the knowledge and wisdom of God are great!
    Over and above our comprehension, God shows that He is right.
Praise Yahweh, O my soul!
    Praise the Lord, and don't forget his good work.
Questions and doubts come from the enemy, but God answers them all.
    Questions to the enemy from God put him to shame.
Rejoice in the God of our salvation!
    Rejoice in the precious gift to us through Jesus Christ!
Salvation comes from no other source than Jesus, the Messiah.
    Saved from guilt and sin by Jesus, we stand in righteousness.
Truth and justice are with the Almighty God.
    Trust God to tell the truth.
Understanding and wisdom comes from the Lord, who gives it to those who ask.
    Understand that God's wisdom and knowledge are far above our own.
Victory over sin, sickness, poverty, and death has already been won by Jesus Christ.
    Victors over the enemy, we rejoice with Jesus Christ, our commander-in-chief!
We wage war against evil, knowing the outcome is sure.
    When we follow Jesus Christ, our victory is sure.
Xylophones, pianos, guitars, and drums are for making music to praise God.
    Xylophonists, pianists, and other musicians, praise the Lord!
Yet even more will I praise God, and declare his mighty works.
    Year by year and day by day, I will proclaim God's glory.
Zithers and flutes, praise the Lord!
    Zero of my sins have escaped Jesus' blood. Hallelujah!

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