Michael's Second Psalm

The following is from my prayer journal, an entry made early Tuesday morning, the 4th of February, 1997. It is a sincere prayer in the style of Hebrew poetry. To God be the glory! 

Thank You, Father, for victory in Jesus Christ over my enemies!


My Father, my Father, I love you!
    My God, you have taught me true love.
You formed me in my mother's womb.
    You caused my body to grow in wondrous ways.
You breathed your spirit of life into me,
    And I cried out to you.
You gave me knowledge and self-awareness.
    You let me choose between right and wrong.
When I chose wrong, you rescued me.
    You paid the penalty for my sin.
You let me live again.
    My spirit is born again in You.
The enemy beats on me with vile thoughts.
    Fallen angels work to destroy your people.
But you, oh Yahweh, sent your Holy Spirit to me.
    You comfort and strengthen me in You Word.
Yes, even though families fall
    And marriages fail, you protect me.
You have taught my wife and I to love.
    You fill our marriage with joy.
Our family is full of peace.
    Our children are taught by You,
You, dear Father, are mighty and powerful!
    We find comfort in your awesome majesty.
Because we are certain of Your love for us,
    We trust You with our lives.
Because we know that you raise the dead,
    We give our lives to You.
We praise You and honor You, forever!
    Blessed be our one true God eternally!

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