Michael's First Psalm

Friday, January 17, 1997

Hear my prayer, Yahweh.
    Listen to my plea, oh God.
Save me from the lies of the enemy,
    And deliver me from the devil's deceit.
For you, oh God, are the God of Truth.
    No lies come from Yahweh's mouth.
Yahweh saves the righteous ones who seek him,
    But punishes those who reject his salvation.
Therefore, I trust you with my life,
    And entrust my soul to your care.
I will glorify you with my lips,
    And raise my voice in praise to you.
Your glory and majesty reach to the Heavens!
    Your splendor and authority fill the Universe!
I will serve the Lord with joy all my days.
    With gladness will I do God's bidding forever.
Because of Yahweh's mercy and persistent love,
    I will dwell in peace with him for eternity.

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